Mac BioDiesel

Most of the used cooking oil will be collected from third parties, housing associations, social canteens, old people's homes, kindergartens, educational institutions, restaurants, detention centres, military units, student hostels, etc.

Contracts will be concluded for the collection of used edible oil and used vegetable fats. Containers for the temporary storage of waste used cooking oil or used vegetable fats will be handed over to the beneficiaries on the basis of a report (capacity of containers, pieces, value). These containers will be the exclusive property of SC MAC FARMACONS SRL.

When filling the containers for temporary storage of waste used edible oil or used vegetable fats, the beneficiaries will notify the employees of SC MAC FARMACONS SRL, and the authorized workers will go as soon as possible (max. 24 hours) to replace the containers full of used oil with empty, clean ones.

The oils and fats thus collected will be introduced into the purification/regeneration/conditioning process to ensure that they are used to produce quality biodiesel, and will then be stored in the tanks of the biodiesel fuel plant.